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Struts solves the most common problems
of web development. By basing your
application on the Struts framework, you
can reuse proven solutions and focus on
what's unique to your own case. Struts is
an open-source product distributed by the
Apache Software Foundation. Struts in
Action is a comprehensive introduction to
the Struts framework. It covers initial
design, data validation, database access,
dynamic page assembly, localization,
product configuration, and other important
areas. It shows you how to use both JSP
tags and Velocity templates. It carefully
explains the Struts architecture and
control flow, as well as how to extend
framework classes.

Struts Recipes is a detailed collection of
useful strategies to help developers and
architects solve real-life Struts business
problems. The book is filled with
tried-and-true techniques, complete with
detailed code listings, designed to save the
reader time and money by jumping straight
to the answer. In addition to a solution, each
recipe clearly defines the business problem,
provides the reader with the necessary
background to understand the recipe, and
discusses the implications of using the
solution. The book highlights many little
known "gotchas" and is peppered with
valuable best practices to ensure your
applications are secure, robust and
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