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A solid, yet flexible, architecture is a critical success on any project. A good
architecture is more akin to a garden then it is to a blueprint. A well defined and
thought through architecture yields an environment upon which you will grow your
application. Throughout elaboration and construction your architecture should guide
you to your target, However, discoveries may lead you to adjust the architecture.
Your architecture should not bind you. It must provide a mean to adapt. Having said
that, it is imperative to minimize architectural mistakes, as those will be very
expensive to fix. Let me help you create architecture to meet your current
functional and non-functional requirement and position your application to meet the
needs of the future.

Architectural Review
A fundamental project best practice is to mitigate high-impact risks early. Many
projects have failed due to poor architectures. Architectural mistakes are costly and
usually present grave business consequences. The best way to mitigate this risk is
with an architectural review. A fresh set of experienced eyes will help you challenge
and validate assumptions before a remediation effort becomes necessary.

Analysis & Design
Once you have a good architecture in place, design becomes the next cornerstone
in achieving a successful project. There is no substitution for experience when it
comes to analysis and design.

Skilled development expertise is hard to come by. Seasoned developers understand
that they need to support the architecture and keep a pragmatic eye on
performance. Developers who value testing as a project asset become assets
themselves. A skilled developer understands that communication is just as important
as their technical skill set.

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